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Welcome to the Corvallis Middle School STEAM Magnet (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Website!
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Course Objectives:The goals of this class fall into three categories:


  • Knowledge and Cultural Understanding
  • Democratic Understanding and Civic Values, incorporating an understanding of our national identity, civic values, and rights and responsibilities.
  • Skills Attainment and Social Participation, including basic study skills, critical thinking skills, and participation skills that are essential for effective citizenship.


Methods of Instruction:Independent work, cooperative learning groups, document-based questions, lecture, student presentations, experiential activities/simulations, discussions, technology usage


Units of Study:

Colonial Heritage(Colonial America, Growth of the 13 colonies, Euro/African influences)

Revolutionary War(Seeds of revolution, declaring independence, revolution)

Establishing Government(Articles of Confederation, The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Era)

Launching the Republic(Louisiana Purchase, War of 1812, Industrial Revolution, National Bank)

Nationalism & Sectionalism(Manifest Destiny, Jackson Era, Age of Reform)

Civil War (Causes of the Civil War, North vs. South, Attempts at compromise)

Reconstruction & Modern Connections (The New South, Connections to 20th& 21stCentury America)


Grading Policy:Grades are determined by the amount of points earned.  Tests, quizzes, and projects tend to be worth more points than homework and class work. 


Late workis only accepted when it is an excused absence; it is the student’s responsibility to request makeup work after an absence. Work that is not made up will remain a zero.  Howevr, students DO have the opportunity to receive partial (half) credit for assignments in which they have received a zero by attending a full tutoring session and completing the work or catching up on other assignments.  Tutoring will be held after school on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays in Room 405.  Due to meetings or other school obligations, students will be notified in advance when tutoring will be canceled.  


Academic dishonesty (includes cheating, plagiarism, & copying someone’s classwork/homework) will NOT be tolerated.  Any student involved in such activity will receive consequences & a zero for that assignment. 


Text:UnitedStatesHistory: Independenceto1914, Holt, Rinehart, Winston