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School Policies » Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code

All students at Corvallis Middle School are required to wear theCorvallis uniform. The uniform consists of a burgundy polo shirt and blue, black, or tan colored pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts without holes, rips, or cutoffs.  For your convenience, uniforms are available for purchase from the school office. 


All students must also follow the following dress code:

  1. Anything that promotes or advertises the use or abuse of drugs, alcohol, smoking materials, or other dangerous substances or subjects.

  2. Sexually related or obscene symbols, pictures or wording that advocate ethnic or racial prejudice or intolerance.

  3. Students shall not wear clothing or articles of clothing related to unauthorized groups or gangs. Gang or group related apparel include but are not limited to the following: bandanas, head bands, chains hanging from belt loops, dangling belts, insignia belts, gang markings, hair nets, jewelry with gang symbols, or any combination of clothing, backpacks, or notebooks which the sheriff or school consider gang related.

  4. Low cut necklines, skin tight, and sheer or revealing clothes are not allowed.

  5. No clothing which reveals undergarments will be allowed.

  6. Tank Tops or shirts with spaghetti straps are not allowed.

  7. Clothing determined to be immodest.

  8. No bare midriff tops. All tops must meet the top of the student’s pants, shorts, or skirt when hands are raised.

  9. Pants with holes or tears are not acceptable.

  10. Clothing should be clean.

  11. Pants or shorts are to fit properly and be worn at the waist (no sagging). Pants or shorts are not to be more than two inches larger than the waist size of the student.

  12. Pant legs should not touch the ground. Pants and shorts must be hemmed or cuffed with no split seams. (No fringe/fraying allowed)

  13. No long shorts are allowed (the cuffs of the shorts must be no more than one inch below the knee).

  14. High knee socks or socks touching the bottom of the leg of shorts are not allowed.

  15. Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times. Flip flops, shower shoes, and opened-toe sandals are not allowed.

  16. Sunglasses are not allowed at school.

  17. Students (regardless of gender) can only wear approved Corvallis Middle School hats, which are not altered in any way, while on campus. Hoods are to be worn only during inclement weather. Hats and hoods are to be removed upon entering any room on campus. Bandanas and other material used for head gear are not to be worn on campus for any reason.

  18. Exposed piercing shall be limited to the ears only.

  19. Shirts shall not be excessively long or baggy. Shirts shall not exceed one shirt size in width (for example, a student that can wear a small should not wear a shirt that is larger than a medium). Shirts shall not extend beyond the hips. Shirts that hang down in the vicinity of the knees are in violation of the dress code and subject to all disciplinary procedures.