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Welcome to the Corvallis Middle School STEAM Magnet (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Website!
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Counseling Mission

The Corvallis Counseling team is committed to providing services that support the development of each student’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual well-being by working with students, parents/guardians and teachers/staff.


How do I see a Counselor? 

We are available to all students, parents and staff. Referrals are made by teachers, parents and students (self-referrals). Students can stop by our office before school, during break, lunch or after-school, send us an email or fill out a “Request to Meet with Counselor” form in the front office.


Reasons to Visit your School Counselor:

  • Get help solving conflicts with friends. Sometimes it’s hard to manage conflicts  on your own. Your school counselor can help you brainstorm solutions to your conflicts. 
  • Get help managing your busy schedule- LIfe can get really hectic between school, sports, friends and other extracurricular activities.  Your counselor can give you tools to help you manage your time wisely.
  • Help you develop skills to improve organization, study habits and time management.  
  • You want to do better in school and improve your grades.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed, scared or worried about a situation. 
  • You just want to talk to someone. Many things happen throughout the day, some positive, some negative and some in between. Your counselor is available to listen.
  • Talk about planning for high school, college or career choices. 
  • Share and celebrate success!


    School Counseling Services

    Corvallis School Counseling Program follows the American School Counselor Association Model. In order to ensure the academic, personal/social, and career success of all students, school counselors deliver the following services:

    • Classroom Guidance Lessons
    • Group Counseling
    • Crisis Counseling 
    • Short-Term Individual Counseling
    • Conflict Mediation
    • Community Resource Referrals 
    • Parent Workshop

    The Wellness Center

    The Wellness Center aims to promote student wellness by providing a safe and welcoming place where students can visit before school, snack and lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays. At the Wellness Center students can come to relax, work on homework, hang out with friends, play games or talk to a counselor. Some of the services provided by the Wellness Center are individual counseling, group counseling, case management (referrals to school and to community based organizations and resources), parent engagement.

NLM Virtual Calming Room
CLICK HERE to access the NLM Virtual Calming Room. This site is for students, families, and staff in our Norwalk and La Mirada Communities to find tools to promote resilience and wellness. Try an activity once a day or more if you like. It will help you to feel calm and prepared for your daily tasks.


California State University, Long Beach - School Counseling Interns
Contact our CSULB interns for support:
You can contact all of our counselors through email:
Mrs. Vesper:
Ms. Mendoza: 
CLICK HERE to refer a student to a school counselor.
CLICK HERE to connect with one of our counselors.