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Corvallis Middle School

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Welcome to the Corvallis Middle School STEAM Magnet (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Website!
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Summer "Registration" August 8th or 9th 9-11:30 am & 1-3 pm

Required Immunization for All Students Entering 7th Grade:
All students entering the 7th grade students are REQUIRED bring proof of the Tdap immunization before school starts in August. Students who have not provided proof of the immunization will not be allowed to attend classes.
School Uniform:
The school uniform consists of a burgundy collared, "polo type" shirt. Corvallis uniform shirts are available for purchase (cash only) at our cost in the school office for $12.00 each (limit 3 shirts per student during summer registration). Parents who choose to purchase school shirts elsewhere are may select burgundy collared, "polo type" shirts to support our safe school environment. Corvallis Middle School maintains a safe and positive school environment in part due to our effective uniform policy and practices. While Corvallis does not require students to purchase the school uniform, please support the use of a uniform.

Physical Education (PE) Uniform:
Appropriate clothes for PE consist of maroon mesh or cotton athletic type shorts, a grey cotton t-shirt, and athletic type shoes. PE clothes are available for purchase for a total of $15.00 (shorts-$7.00 shirts-$8.00). Parents may choose to purchase PE clothing elsewhere as long as they meet these requirements. All students must use a lock for the PE locker. PE locks are for sale for $5.00 in the school office. These locks allow teachers to help students open them, if needed. Parents may choose to purchase locks elsewhere; however, if it becomes necessary for school staff to open the locker, the lock will need to be cut off.